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Improve your profit/risk ratio in crypto trading.

Acai is an AI bot for HitBTC exchange, focused on long-term risk reduction. Currently available for BTC/USDT pair only. Your coins are safe on HitBTC - start using Acai in 5 minutes and start reduce your portfolio's volatility.

Bye, bots!

Welcome Acai, my intelligent assistant!


Computers are way better than you when it comes to choosing the best numbers for indicators like RSI, MACD and trailing stop loss. Start doing what you do best as a human - look at the big picture and make strategic decisions.

Acai wants to know your preferences - your risk appetite and predictions.

Then it translates your strategy into technical analysis and trades on your exchange account.


100% secure and transparent trading

Your coins are always on your HitBTC account, Acai doesn't store any funds. ​Acai connects to your account via API keys accessible on your HitBTC account. Acai requires only the ability to read data and place orders, so your funds can't be withdrawn from your account.

AI researched for >18 months

After lots of internal and external testing we have achieved reproducible optimization with robust methods to prevent false positive results ("overfitting").​ Graph above illustrates capabilities of Acai on BTC/USDT pair in the last 6 months (12.06-02.12.19) This performance resulted from 5529 transactions, vast majority of which increased the gap between the buy&hold strategy and an active trading with Acai, with average monthly profit of 8%. Everything depends on the user, but good usage can significantly boost your crypto portfolio.


Michał Balcerak

CEO & machine learning

Jan Pacan

COO & marketing

Marcin Misiek

CTO & web application

Anh Dung Le

Data science & machine learning