AI research applied to crypto trading

Acai is a trading bot based on machine learning. Trade 24/7, reduce risk and improve your profits.

100% transparent, we never hold your coins.

One trading bot, three performance goals

1. Returns

Returns higher than BTC/USDT

every year

2. Decreased risk

Calmar ratio higher than BTC/USDT

every quarter

3. Decorrelated

Beta coefficient <50%

BTC/USDT less than 50%

every month


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"If it works, why do you share it?"

Because we don't have millions to invest, just the expertise in investing using advanced machine learning.

This is the same reason why people create investment funds. Also, we still keep the know-how to ourselves.

Why Acai?

Acai vs. Human. Acai works 24/7, reacts to the market within two minutes, and never gets tired. Also, Acai doesn't feel fear or greed, it just makes decisions based on gigabytes of data every day.

Acai vs. Trading signals. Trading signals are almost always for niche altcoins, where the "buy" signal is self-fulfilling - many people buy, which pushes the price up, before it goes down again. That's not trading, that's pump-and-dump. Acai trades BTC/USDT, where huge trading volume makes pump-and-dump impossible.

Acai vs. Rebalance. Biggest cryptocurrencies are extremely correlated, so you can't diversify by investing in 30 coins. If the market crashes, rebalance won't save you.

Acai vs. Other bots. There are so many bots it's hard to compare them all. But ask yourself this, do you know a bot that:

a.) Not only beats the market long-term, but also decreases risk in a scientifically measurable way?

b.) Is rigourosly tested for overfitting, so it doesn't suddenly stop working in the future?

c.) Uses multiple data points instead of just RSI, MACD and BB, which are way to simple to work on the complex crypto market?

How it works?

  1. You need an account on HitBTC exchange.

  2. Authorize Acai to trade for you via API keys in 5 minutes.

  3. Start the bot, Acai will trade BTC/USDT only.

  4. Check performance on your account & in weekly email reports.

Is it secure?

Since there are still many shady services in crypto, we follow four rules to ensure security:

Rule #1: We never store your coins, they're on your exchange account.
Rule #2: You can start, pause & disconnect Acai anytime.
Rule #3: Acai trades only using your BTC and USDT.
Rule #4: You know who the founders are & we're registered in the European Union (Poland).


Michał Balcerak

CEO & machine learning

Jan Pacan

COO & growth

Marcin Misiek

CTO & infrastructure

Acai provides the software as a service only. Acai does not provide financial, investment, legal, tax or any other professional advice. Acai is not a broker, financial advisor, investment advisor, portfolio manager, or tax advisor. Your decisions made in reliance on the products or services or your interpretations of the data are your own for which you have full responsibility.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. Investments in cryptocurrencies and other investment options are speculative and involve high degrees of risk. You could lose all or a substantial amount of your investment.

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