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Reduce the risk of your crypto portfolio

Improve your portfolio with help of Artificial Intelligence. Big data is no longer available only to hedge funds and data science experts. Acai takes your market predictions and trades on your behalf, 24/7.


You analyze the big picture, Acai does the rest.

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Science-based machine learning approach

Based on proprietary technology and top-notch ML frameworks.

Acai is a powerful tool, yet very easy to use.

Stop worrying about stop loss & take profit

People aren't made to optimize parameters. Machines are.

Let Acai crunch the numbers, so you can focus on the big picture.

You are in charge

Create and change bots anytime. Your role is to tell them what you think about the market, and they look for the best moments to buy and sell 24/7.


Your coins are always on your HitBTC account, we don't store any funds.

Acai connects to your account via API Keys accessible on your HitBTC account. Bots only require the ability to read data and place orders, so your funds can't be withdrawn from your account.


How it works


Connect Acai to your account (how?)


Create your first bot and tell it what you expect on the market. Enjoy AI trading 24/7!

Proof of concept

We're still working on the full-fledged product, but we have already created a working crypto bot for a specific market condition when there's chaos on the market, no clear price trend and potential for volatility. That happened at the end on June and Acai made +14% in 70 transactions, in 2 weeks, while market went down by 15%.


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